February 27


3rd Critique: Portrait or Landscape Project | Self Portraits and Photography and Assignment: “Self Portrait 2 Ways”


1. Critique of Portrait or Landscape Project

2. Quiz

3. Self Portraits and Photography


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2. The Self-Portrait

Powerpoint: self-portrait

ASSIGNMENT:  Self Portrait | 2 Ways

Your assignment this week is to make two self-portraits. Make sure one is self-portrait of your face. Take another any way you wish using any method or technique. 

Bring both to class next week. At the beginning of next class, we will experiment with Photoshop and turn ourselves into Zombies. Though this isn’t the time of year of Halloween, the concept of Zombies – is a good one as the Palette, Layer, Curve and Panel tools you’ll use to transform yourself into a Zombie – are excellent, and essential Photoshop tools to learn.

At the end of the Photoshop session, a group critique will be held and you will show 3 portraits (the regular one (just your face), the “artsy,” or traditional one and the zombie one). This project is worth a total of 30 possible points (10 points for each bullet point). A breakdown for the points is below:

  • Did student bring in two portraits – one of just their face and another that could be considered a true self portrait?
  • Did student successfully complete the “Zombie” exercise”
  • Did student take initiative in the class discussion/critique?

For next week’s class we will use a step-by-step guide on how to transform yourself into a zombie, using basic tools in Adobe Photoshop and your self portrait.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.47.53 PM

PDF of assignment guidelines: self portrait assignment


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