February 20



Pictures are Pixels, Metering & Tripods & Intro to Photoshop 


Powerpoint: Pictures are Pixels, Metering & Tripod’s & How Your Camera Can Work for You

Powerpoint PDF: pictures-are-pixels-metering-tripods-and-intro-to-ps

Handouts: The Basics of Photoshop PDF Download: The Basics of Photoshop


DUE NEXT CLASS: Project 1: Portrait or Landscape

Be prepared to present and discuss your photographs from the ‘Portrait or Landscape” assignment on the overhead projector (via any format you choose) at our next class session. Remember to use the assignment guide below!

If you have any questions or concerns – email me. BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.





Edit your First Photo Videos:First Photo

Basic Tools & Program Interface: Basic Tools

Photoshop Tutorials:Link to Lots of Tutorials!

Photoshop Tips:

Just for students! New to Adobe Creative Cloud apps? Try these quick tutorials and jumpstart your learning.