April 3

Working + Output: Editing, Printing and Saving for Print and for Web

In class Lab Time for Photographic Series

IN CLASS: Post Production: Preparing Files for Output: Printing and Color Management 

Demonstration – Shades of Whites: Exploring the Differences in Printing Paper


Powerpoint: Working + Output: Editing, Printing and Saving for Print and for Web

PDF of Powerpoint: Printing

Working Lab Day for Project 3:

It is very easy to get carried away in Photoshop. Considering that this is a Photography class, I do not encourage you to create scenes, over saturate or falsify colors, and manipulate your photographs to reveal facts that are NOT in the photograph you originally made. It is totally fine to adjust certain things: contrast, exposure, a bit of dodging and burning, mild sharpening, color balancing, white balancing, etc., however a good rule of thumb is: If its not in the negative, its not there. The key to Photoshop for photographers, is: MODERATION.

Trying to create something that isn’t there will likely be messy, will look fake, and drastically diminish the integrity of your photograph. Honestly, you’re better off re-shooting, going back to the same place, or somewhere new and trying to make the kind of photograph you really want.

Download this Photoshop Tutorials for Improving Images as you begin to work on Project 3 | Photographic Series….it will likely help!


1. Post Production- Preparing Files for Output- Printing and Color Management

2. Photographic Series due next Monday. Come to class on time, and prepared! 

Extras: RGB/CMYK Guides