Student Quotes

What was your biggest surprise this semester in regards to this Digital Photography class?

“I was surprised to learn how much more there is to a camera other than simply pressing a button. I felt like my photographs were actually mine because I chose the ISO, shutter speed, focus, etc.”

“I was surprised at the sheer amount of work that goes into just one photo — such as composition, light and exposure detail.”

“My biggest surprise this semester is how much you can actually tell a story with a photograph and how much can actually be said or implied by an image.”

“How to get used to and understand the manual mode of a camera.”

“This class has deepened my appreciation of photography as an art form.”

“The biggest surprise this semester was that I fell in love with photography. Before this class I did not have much interest but now I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

“That I love photography and that your perception of the world changes the more you photograph.”

“I was able to look and appreciate details in everyday objects. For example, my mom’s hair is a work of art in itself. I don’t just “take” a picture anymore, I think about space, lighting, depth of field and shutter speed.”

“That using a camera isn’t as easy as it looks and a lot of practice is involved in creating a desired image.”

“I never ventured into the manual option of the camera. I am very grateful and happy I took this class, especially in my first semester.”

“My biggest surprise this semester was how much I learned and enjoy taking pictures.”

“I was surprised to see how hard it is to actually shoot in manual mode.”

“I was most surprised at how evident my progress in this class was, I felt that I definitely learned more than I had expected.”

“I’ve got to be honest, before this class I had NO IDEA about DSLR cameras. I was overwhelmed with the buttons and setting options. After taking this class i now know how to use my camera and I am no longer letting the camera take control.”

“Before taking this class I didn’t really think about the photos I shot, but this class helped me think of what I want to shoot. I did not know I could learn this much in a couple of months.

“My biggest surprise was how well I did this semester. I really love this class.”

“My biggest surprise was that I had a fun teacher who gave me interesting facts about the camera and about photography that made me more interested in photography.”

“I learned how to look at a photograph”

“Being able to shoot whatever I wanted (within the project limits) and having fun doing so.”

“How much I excelled — I have been painting and drawing my whole life and to be able to learn a new skill and find happiness and success with it is truly inspiring and surprising.”

“How much work goes into photography and making images.”

“Learning the intricacies of aperture, ISO and shutter speed and how they work all together.”

“My biggest surprise was how far I have come from the first day of class. Every class I learned more and more about photography and how to be better at  it.”

“I really love photographing things and I did not think I would enjoy this class as much as I did.”

“How much I have come to appreciate photography. I always considered it a “fake art,” but now I always want to carry my camera with me.”

“Having a fun time and enjoying the class while meeting a great group of people.”

“How much there is to learn with Photoshop and how fun photography really is.”

“My biggest surprise was how much I would learn. I have been very involved in film based photography in the past and loved learning how it transfers over to digital.”

“I’ve always had a passion for photography however not photographing constantly made me loose some of that passion. This class provided me assignments that made me go out and shoot, and I had fun doing it. I was surprised that my passion for photography grew so much more than when I walked in on the first day.”

If you could go back and do something differently this semester in regards to this class, what would it be?

“I would probably put more thought into my shots and take into account different angles.”

“I would go back and spend more time on each project. Things (photographs) are better when we do not rush.”

“I would go back and make more time to shoot my images.”

“I would not change anything, this was my favorite class so I put in a lot of work.”

“If I could go back in time regarding this class perhaps I would have been braver with my self portraits.”

“If I were able to do something differently this semester I would have tried my best to get to class when I was not feeling well because I definitely fell behind.”

“I would have asked more questions. Photography is a never ending learning process.”

“Brainstorm more before I photograph.”

“I would have had more forethought in my project choices and devoted a little more time.”

“If I could go back and do something different, it would be not to rush anything.”

“If I could go back it would be to spend more days shooting for my projects. Time this semester was my enemy.”

“I would have put more thought into my final project.”

“Shoot more portraits. I sort of stuck to landscapes the entire semester and I wish I would have tried something different.”

“Put more thought into every shot.”

“The only thing I would do differently would be taking more time planning my photoshoots before shooting.”

“Buy a tripod, at the start of class.”

“If I could do something differently I would take more time in the projects I worked on during this class.”

“Work on editing more.”

In your opinion what are the most important things you have learned in the class?

“The most important thing I learned was to have control of my camera using manual mode. I also learned that every single thing captured, whether it was intentional or not, makes an impact in a photograph.”

“How to use Photoshop — it is the go-to industry standard and is crucial in the field. I would like to continue to learn more about how to use Photoshop, but the foundations I learned in this class are very important.”

“I have learned how to better master the powerful tool of a camera and I have learned how to express my ideas through photographs and execute them the way I want.”

“Always put a lot of thought into your work and try to bring out the best work you can.”

“I’ve gained an understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO and extended my knowledge compositional elements so much.”

“Bring your camera everywhere – it is so important. Everyday I see things that I want to capture and they are moments you will never have again. Photographs are quick, like situations, but they also require thought when making them.”

“Timing is everything.”

“Learn your camera until its an extension of your body and loose yourself in the process of taking your shots.”

“The most important thing I learned in this class is how to use Photoshop. I am very bad with computers but this has truly helped with knowing how to use them better.”

“To take your time and think about what you want to convey in your images. And take many pictures at different angles and perspectives.”

“How to use Photoshop and how to take criticism and use it to help you on your next projects.”

“To take time when planning shoots because it allows your creativity to flow more effectively.”

“Manual operation is not scary and you learn things through practice.”

“Critiques are the way to help you improve and visualize what you want to photograph. Also, to have fun with it.”

“You need to make time for your work, and to make successful photographs. You also need to put a lot of thought intimating a photograph.”

“If there is a moment you think should be captured, do it because that opportunity might not happen again. Bring your camera everywhere.”

“The most important thing I would say was to actually learn the settings of the camera because that actually determined how my pictures came out.”

“In this class I learned so much. For example, I learned how to shoot in RAW and manual mode. Also, I learned a bunch of techniques to take awesome pictures.”

“I furthered my knowledge about the history of photography. I also learned how to manage the functions of my camera better — to achieve the shot I wanted.”

“Playing with depth of field, learning about light meters and how to achieve the perfect exposure. I learned a lot more about Photoshop and the overall editing process.”

“Shooting in RAW format, composition and the rule of thirds. It helped me take my photos to the next level. I also really benefited learning how to edit pictures. also, I learned about my own personal style and what interest me.”