Lab Hours & Rules


Computer classroom/Lab Rules and Regulations

(lab-rules pdf)

1 NO EATING OR DRINKING in the computer rooms. Leave your food and beverages on the shelf outside of the classrooms. Do not leave your food and beverages on the floor. Drinks and food are not allowed in the labs or on the computer tables.

2 Do not unplug any cables or wires or power plugs. Make sure batteries are charged before class. Exception: Switch mouse from right to left. DO NOT MOVE ANY EQUIPMENT – ALARMED.

3 Always drag your work to the DESKTOP. Do not work from a portable drive (flash drive, thumb drive, usb drive).

4 Do not store images, documents, music, etc. on the computer desktops, as they will be deleted. Back up your images onto portable drives (flash drives, external hard drives, etc.). In “Student Home”, students may leave a folder with their name on it to store projects as backup, if the folder is left any other place besides the student home it will be deleted. Don’t leave files on the Desktop. Keep duplicate copies of important files.

5 Do not install your own fonts or software

6 Please work during scheduled lab hours, not during a class. Please be out 15 minutes before a class starts. Check the schedule for lab availability. Sign in and out at front desk.

7 Lab is for enrolled students only. No former students, children, or guests may use lab equipment.

8 Always power OFF (shut down) your computer when you are finished (turn off computer, Apple > Shutdown). If you are sitting at a computer with a scanner or printer please turn it off.

If you run into technical difficulties with a computer, write down the # of the computer (all computers are labeled, and all computers MUST have a # associated with the problem). Be as specific as possible when describing the issue. Leave note for the technician.

Keep duplicate copies of important files. Failure to backup is your choice.


User: WCCWAW password: SunyWcc914 (The ID and password is case sensitive).