Welcome to Digital Photography

ModelTHQThis introductory course provides a theoretical, technical, and aesthetic foundation in digital photography. Students learn technical camera usage and principles of design through shooting assignments that focus on the correlation between photography composition and conceptual intent. Lab exercises and demonstrations develop basic digital skills using software to modify and enhance images for digital output and presentation. Theoretical readings, writing assignments, group critique and visual presentations of contemporary digital photography help contextualize the student’s work and facilitate the development of analytical skills with an emphasis given to the vocabulary of photographic viewing.

maier1While the experience of learning photography and basic post production skills is fun and will change the way you see the world around, please be aware that photography and this course are expensive and time consuming. The textbooks, software training, camera, tripod and other supplies are expensive! I will offer suggestions on how to make it less costly, but please be prepared for each class and come with the supplies and tools required.

I am happy to be teaching this course because photography is what do and what I love. If you’d like to know a little bit more about me, check out either of my websites: www.marisascheinfeld.com or www.borschtbeltbook.com 


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