Final Project Reminder


Next Monday, May 1, upon walking into class, your Final Project (the photographs) are due.

Please pay careful attention to the order this project needs to be submitted (listed below) AND that overall, you create a successful triptych — three separate photographs that can stand alone but that also work when placed together. The photographs should allow the viewer to understand both specific and abstract qualities of the person you chose to photograph.

PHOTO ONE: PLACE You should to pick a place that relays emotive information regarding your subject. Be prepared to discuss why you chose that specific place. 

PHOTO TWO: THING You will need to pick a thing that relays emotive information regarding your sitter. Be prepared to discuss why you chose that specific thing. 

PHOTO THREE: PERSON A portrait of your person without showing their face. Be prepared to discuss your connection/interest in this person. 

PHOTO FOUR: TRIPTYCH: A photograph of the person, place and thing laid out in one frame, on one page, and printed.


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1. The cover should be the triptych (three photos) on one page.

2. Next should follow each image (3 in total). First should be the portrait of the person without showing their face, second should be the “place”, and third should be the “thing”

3. Your Photography Development Templates (drawings)

4. Your marked Contact Sheets

5. An extra plastic sleeve for your Visual Analysis Essay (to be turned in before the final exam).

6. An extra sleeve for your disk (to be turned in before the final with your Visual Analysis Essay. If for some reason your computer does not have a disk burner, I approve bringing your essay in on a flash drive, HOWEVER, your 4 JPEGS (person, place, thing, triptych) must be on the drive, DO NOT FORGET THEM. You can also email the 4 JPEGS to me (


Be prepared to present and speak about your work next week during our final critiques.

You may not be printing when class starts.

Any projects not completed at the beginning of class will receive an F.

Every minute you are late to class is ONE POINT OFF YOUR PROJECT




For those wish want to move ahead, the essay instructions are here (VA Essay Instruction).

If not, this is fine, I will discuss the essay component during next class. The essay is due on the date of your final exam (May 8).



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