Final Project – Moving Along Further

place thing.png

As a reminder and at our next class the photographs for “place” + “thing’ should be made. Remember you will need to photograph the “place” in a way in which you feel is representative of your person and the emotional connection they (or you) have to that place, not a documentary representation of the place. When developing your “thing” image, remember to photograph it in a way in which you feel is conceptually/emotionally representative of the person, not a literal representation. In other words, both should be something of importance/significance to the person you will photograph.

You must photograph a minimum of 75-100 images for each photograph. I highly recommend you make an adequate number of images so you have a lot of material to select from.

On Monday bring images shot for “place” and the “thing” to class and take advantage of the in-class time to upload and create contact sheets for both shoots. The contact sheets should also be printed out and edited (circled).  You will also have time to edit and process files through Camera Raw. Ideally, during our class time you will narrow down both images and process them, possibly also printing if you have time.

Towards the end of class we will have a MANDATORY, INFORMAL CRITIQUE.**


**If you choose to, you can also photograph the “person” before Monday. This would allow class time for editing and critique input for the entire triptych. Otherwise, you will have to shoot the “person” part of the project AND upload, create contact sheets, edit, and print out by the following Monday (May 8) at 9:15 am when the entire project is due.

Either way, prepare for out of class time in the lab to upload, make contact sheets, edit, print and assemble the final project in required order.  


Be prepared to present and speak about your work the following week (May 8) during our final critiques. Any projects not completed at the beginning of class will receive an F. You should not be printing or assembling your binder when class starts. Points will be deducted for lateness (one point per one minute late).

Any questions, email me.




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