Due May 4. Pick one. Only one. 20 points. 



Museum/Gallery Review  (20 points)

  1. Go see one of the following exhibitions (listed below)
  2. Email me a brief review of the exhibition (2 paragraphs)
  3. Bring or email me the ticket stub OR post a picture on Instagram at the exhibition and use the hashtag #sunywccdigitialphoto

Suggested Exhibitions:

The Gordon Parks Foundation (Pleasantville, NY)

Back to Fort Scott

Picturing Love: Katonah Museum of Art

March 19 – June 25

Closes April 8

Alice Austen House Museum

Robin SchwartzLike Us: Primate Portraits (March 1 – May 28)

Early work by photographer Robin Schwartz documenting the close relationship between primates and their caretakers.

Benrubi Gallery

MARCH 2 – APRIL 15, 2017

Brooklyn Historical Society

Truman Capote’s Brooklyn:
The Lost Photographs of David Attie

July 20, 2016 – July 2017


Nan Goldin: The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

Closes April 16

The Shape of Things: Moma’s Collection

Closes May 7

Museum of the City of New York

Closes July 30

Muslim in New York

International Center of Photography

Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change

Hang Younsoo: Photographs of Korea (1956-63)


Instagram logo.jpg  (20 points)

Please read the linked article and complete the below form (in Word or PDF format). Completed forms may be emailed or submitted in person.

Is Instagram the new gateway to photography?

LINK TO ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE. Complete steps 1 and 2 below. 

  1. Type your responses on a Word Doc (Extra Credit – Instagram) or print and write (PDF) Extra Credit – Instagram
  2. Make a post on Instagram commenting about this assignment. It could be an overall commentary on social media, photography or something related to a question in this assignment. Hashtag it #sunywccdigitalphoto

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