Hopefully by today, you have some ideas brewing about the next project I’ve assigned – Photographic Series. If you don’t thats okay — but I do want you to take some time (ASAP) to start looking at photographers and types of photography that may interest you. Looking often leads to an idea, and ideas lead to greater things…often to a Photographic Series.

As a follow up to yesterday’s class: The Photo Series (Project 3 Photographic Series) is your second to last project in this class and is due on Monday, April 10. Please refer to the project guidelines above for specific details.

As a reminder, check out the series by Nicholas Nixon and link to the New York Times article, and the video of him talking about his work. It’s really worth your 4 minutes.


The Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon

NYT Link to the Brown Sisters:  Forty Portraits in Forty Years

A video of Nicholas Nixon speaking on this project:


A Photographic Series can take months, even years, and you, well, you only have 2 weeks. While 2 weeks is a very short period of time, I want you to use this time to develop your thoughts about photography, fusing what you’ve learned and what you like, even what you question, and do your very best to create photographs that you can be proud of.

By definition: a photographic series is a group of images related by some aspect held in common (ex. a certain mood, subject matter, technique, function or purpose).

I am asking you to develop a conceptually driven photographic series in either black and white or color (do not mix the two). Your project can be one of two things: Thematic or Narrative.

Thematic: addresses a topic or issue                                                                                                             Narrative: tells a story, usually in chronological order

This assignment begins (and ends) with a concept. It is your task to define the concept visually and develop it into an interesting “series” of images. A minimum of 10 photographs is required for this project. A maximum of 20 can be turned in. 

Your series could be a group of related environmental portraits, landscapes, self-portraits, night photography, etc.—basically this assignment is wide open in terms of subject content, however you must stick to ONE THEME OR NARRATIVE.


Even if you are not into STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, this article may be helpful/inspire some ideas:

10 Things Garry Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography

Here are a few more links:

13 Favorite Conceptual Photography Series from 2014

328 Photography Themes: A List Of Themes To Photograph

Interview with photographer Jo Whaley



This year’s Student Art Exhibit will be comprised of ceramics, sculpture, photography and digital artworks. The exhibit will take place in CFA’s galleries from April 17 – May 5. There will be a reception with drinks and snacks on Tuesday, April 18th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Artwork is selected by faculty and student – and participation in this is mandatory. I encourage you to participate, even if hesitant, and will help you each step of the way. 

If you want to submit more than one print (which is required of you), that is fine. During next week’s class I will offer up time and input to go over some possibilities during lab time, as well as a window of time to discuss printing and paper options. If possible, bring some cash to purchase paper from the art department.



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