Research Project Due Monday

I hope everyone has enjoyed a week off from class. This is a reminder the Research Project due this coming Monday.
9:15 am: Research Project Presentations
Be prepared (with a powerpoint file or PDF) to transfer your file onto the overhead computer. Be on time. Be present. 

Project Guidelines: 


For this project have been asked to choose a type (genre) of photography that interests you. Next, you will then select two photographers that work in the genre of your choice, research their life, and analyze 3 of their photographs. A minimum of 6 photographs (each on their own slide) should be included in your presentation.

Please label your file with your first and last name.

Below are the assignment requirements. The total possible points earned for this project is 100.

Each line item (or number) is worth ten points so pay attention and be sure you include all line items!

Your research paper project begins with a fact-finding search on some photographers in your genre of choice to advance your knowledge. After you brainstorm about possible photographers and then select some, narrow it down to two. Investigate their work and map out your strategy of presenting their work.

Your final presentation will be judged on how well you succeed in producing a well thought out and visually interesting presentation which shows you can interpret and intelligently discuss the genre, two photographers and how well you can back up your findings with evidence (aka examples of their work and details about their life/work).

Assignment Requirements:

1. In-Class Presentation of two photographers working in similar style.

2. Title-slide featuring the name of the assignment and/or the photographers you have researched.

3. Each photograph should be on its own slide and labeled with the photographer’s name, title and if possible, date of creation.

4. Include pertinent information in your presentation such as the photographer’s date of birth, nationality and some biographical information.

5. Typical subject matter of photographs made by each photographer (i.e.: portraiture, war photography, fashion photography).

6. Included text on slide and/or in presentation on what the photographers themselves and/or others have said/say about their work (quotes OK).

7. Include something referencing how these photographers have influenced photography at large as well as you.

8. Include language explaining what visual design elements and principles make their individual photographs effective or interesting.

9. What do you appreciate about this person and/or his/her work?

10. Your opinion of the work and anything else you find important to include.




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