Portrait or Landscape Project Due Tomorrow


Just a reminder that the Portrait or Landscape Project is due tomorrow, at 9:15 am.

Photographs should be ready to go at 9:15 am meaning this: RAW images made in camera should be processed through Camera Raw/Adobe Bridge (CR/AB), converted and saved into JPEGS (or TIFS). As a further reminder, the CR/AB interface looks like this:


If you are fluent in Photoshop and would like to further process your photographs in that program, that is fine, but at this point is it NOT a requirement. Processing in CR/AB however, is.

Submitting RAW files is unacceptable at this point.

This project is worth a total of 100 possible points toward your final grade. Each photographic requirement is a total of 10 points. A total of 8 photographs are required for this assignment. The remaining 20 points will occur in the group critique.

Portrait Project requirements are as follows: 

1: Indoor Traditional Portrait: Make a portrait of someone using a traditional lighting setup as described in the lectures (a key light, a fill light, and possibly a background light and accent/rim light). This could be a light in your house or your subject’s house that you make the portrait in. You do not need to go out and buy lighting equipment. Either relocate your subject toward the lighting source or move the light if needed.
2: Indoor Natural Light Portrait: Make a portrait of someone indoors-using only non-electric sources of light (a fireplace, candles, the sun, etc.). You might want to arrange someone near a window. Think about the light.
3: Outdoor Available Light Portrait: Make a portrait of someone outdoors using only available light. This could be at any time of day.
4. Close Up: Make a close- up portrait.
5. Long shot:  Make a long shot portrait.
6. Environmental Photograph: Make a portrait of someone in his or her environment (i.e.: cook in a kitchen, worker in a store, artist in studio, etc.).
7. Freebie: Make a portrait of any subject of your choosing (pet, stuffed animal, etc.).
8. Freebie: Make a portrait of any subject of your choosing using any portrait mode/method/technique.

Landscape Project requirements are as follows: 

1. Urban: You don’t have to go to NYC  (although you are welcome to) but create an image that evokes the feeling of an urban landscape? Think lots of buildings.
2. Suburban: Same as urban, what constitutes a suburban landscape? Think houses, not tall buildings.
3. Rural: You don’t have to go to a farm or to a country location. Find an unpopulated and peaceful scene – think about what is in the frame.
4. The Golden Hour: Landscape photography is best done in the golden hour. This is the hour after dawn or the hour before sunset when the light is a rich golden color and strikes subject matter with an emphasis to detail. At least one of your photographs this week must be of a landscape taken during the golden hour. Dawn is definitely preferable, as the air is much clearer, but if your sleep schedule makes dawn either too late or too early, sunset is also acceptable. Take note of the time of the year – which affects sunrise and sunset.
5. Texture: Take at least one shot in which the main, or even sole compositional element is a natural texture. Use a small aperture (large F-number) to get everything in focus. Interesting natural textures include grass, rock, sand, and clouds.
6. Close Up: Shot under any conditions that you want as long as the image is somehow representing a close-up view of a landscape.
7. Long Shot: Shot under any conditions that you want as long as the image is somehow representing a long shot view of a landscape.
8. Freebie: Any landscape of your choice, in any compositional or light-evoking manner.

*A Freebie could mean photograph you want to include that does not fit the “categories” or is another really great texture shot, natural lighting shot, close up, or environmental photograph, etc.



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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